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Yet another (new!) picture of Karl and Todd (Coronation Street) mid-clinch. Some rather nice lip biting going on...

Todd & Karl

April 14th is the big day. So don't forget to watch and what not.

Also for anyone who is interested UK Gold are repeating the old Bill episodes from the hieght of the Luke/Craig Saga O'Love.
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Hmmmm, v nice picture. I must remember when that's on as I realy don't wanna miss that!

And oh, how I wish I still had Sky. I'm being deprived of the Craig/Luke!
Have you seen the other picture of Todd/Karl floating about? There are dozens...Let me see.

The Sun one was better but that seems to have dissappeared.

They tell me this one will have a happy ending unlike Craig/Luke. ! That reminds me I taped The Bill today. Don't worry dear I'm sure some will post caps to remind you of their doomed love. : )